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   Town Council takes over Street Cleaning in Immingham    4 April, 2011

Town Council takes over Street Cleaning in Immingham

In the first foray into the “Big Society”, Immingham Town Council will take over manual street cleaning in the town for the next year. As partners in a scheme that will see the service devolved to the Town Council, Immingham Town Council is keen to demonstrate how, working together with NELC, they can not only give a better quality of service but save money as well.
The scheme will save taxpayers about 10,000 in the first year and if successful should be rolled out permanently from 2012. Officers and members have been working to deliver this for over 3 months and both parties are pleased with the outcome.
Chair of Council Mark Sandford said “It’s great to see the cooperation we are getting now from NELC. The atmosphere is so different from 2 years ago before the review. We put this scheme forward and they have worked closely with us to make it work. It will give a better level of service because it’s “our town”. NELC do great job, but everything works better delivered locally. We are going to be targeting areas, involving the Lengthsman, emptying bins, watering the plants and tending the new planters and gardens. We want to demonstrate that we are proud of Immingham and we’ll show what a difference we can make. This is just the first of a raft of schemes that will help maintain services in difficult times, and save the taxpayer money. It is truly the way forward.”

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