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   Immingham's Town Lengthsman    25 August, 2010
Immingham Town Council says “Ring Pete!””
Immingham Town Council has become the first Town & Parish council in North East Lincolnshire to launch an innovative scheme to help clean up the Town. Working on a 12 month trial, the Council has taken on a new employee to work out and about on the streets doing just the sorts of jobs that people want to see done. The scheme has been part funded by the NELC Ward Members as well, and local supermarket Somerfield has also bought into the scheme. Councillor Dave Bolton has been leading on the scheme and said” I’m absolutely delighted that we’ve been able to fund this scheme and I thank all those who have helped. This is something we’ve wanted for years and to be able to do it in a year when we’ve cut the precept as well is remarkable..It will make a real difference”
The new “Town Lengthsman” sees the start of a return to the days when a man was employed to “Walk the length” of the Parish making small repairs, clearing weeds, drains and brambles and keeping the place spic and span. With excellent support also from North East Lincs grounds services team it means that virtually all areas can be serviced and it brings several agencies together to solve the problems.
The new Lengthsman, Pete Rhodes said “I’m looking forward to getting out there and doing the job. I have a great deal of pride in my work and as I live here as well, I want to make a real difference”
The Mayor of Immingham, Councillor Mark Sandford added “This is hopefully the first of many initiatives to make a real difference to the Town. People want a tidy, clean area that’s not overgrown and now they can phone us directly and we can attend to the smaller jobs quickly and efficiently, and it will give us the chance to work more closely with our residents. We are also pleased to be working with the assistance of local businesses and the three ward members. We all want the same outcomes so to be able to all work together on a project is fantastic”.
So if there’s a path that’s overgrown, a signpost that needs cleaning, a bench that needs mending or an area that just needs sprucing up, just “Ring Pete on 01469 572763 and we’ll be there just as quickly as we can!

Since April over 82 Lengthsmans Tasks have been completed here is a sample of the tasks reported

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16/08/2010 Trenchard Close / Rear Of Solway

06/08/2010 Mill Lane

06/08/2010 Kisholme Way

30/06/2010 Homestead Car Park

30/06/2010 Freedom Way / Washdyke Lane

28/6/2010 Back of Jasmin Way

23/6/2010 Green Lane back of Morton Close

21/06/2010 Habough Village Hall

21/06/2010 Stallingborough Road

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